IMPORTANT NOTICE: Discontinuation of Everstream ( services effective October 1, 2017

Virtual Private Servers

Everstream aims to provide a quality service at the best prices available.  The offerings listed below are a breakdown of virtual private servers scaled to meet a broad range of hosting requirements.  All of the VPS plans listed below have dedicated RAM and storage, not shared as many other providers offer. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting


»  Single Process VPS
»  128 MB Memory
»  3 GB Storage
»  200 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  $5 Setup


»  Low-end VPS
»  256 MB Memory
»  6 GB Storage
»  300 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  $5 setup


Why Everstream?

» Dedicated Resources
You get your own dedicated allocation of memory and hard drive space on your VPS that you can fully utilize without having to worry about shared resources.  All of our VPS plans are built on Quad-Core processors and hardware RAID arrays.
» Affordable Plans
Our VPS plans were developed with the intent of providing a great service at an extremely reasonable price.  We believe our prices are some of the best in the industry.

» Developer API
Integrate functionality into your own portal, pull dynamic bandwidth usage statistics and more.

» Plenty of Bandwidth
Everstream has multiple redundant Tier-1 uplinks.  We have plenty of bandwidth capacity to meet your most demanding applications. [Network Info]


»  Mid-range VPS
»  512 MB Memory
»  12 GB Storage
»  500 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  $5 setup


»  Upper-range VPS
»  1 GB Memory
»  24 GB Storage
»  900 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  $5 setup


»  High-end VPS
»  1.5 GB Memory
»  50 GB Storage
»  1,000 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  Free Setup!


»  Advanced VPS
»  2 GB Memory
»  100 GB Storage
»  2,000 GB Transfer
»  Dedicated Resources
»  Free Setup!